People from all professions all over the world choose chiropractic for pain relief and more. We at the Harmony Chiropractic Clinic have clients who work in the building trade such as roofers, scaffolders, brick layers, plumbers, electricians etc. As well as engineers from Sizewell Power station, office workers, health care providers, cleaners, bank workers, teachers etc. housewives too occasionally need our help. Everyone knows someone with a back related problem.

It is estimated that four in every five adults (80%) will experience back pain at some stage in their life. In 2003/4 nearly 5 million working days were lost to back pain. It is the second most common cause of long term sickness in the UK and the most common cause in professions involving manual labour. The cost to UK employers is estimated by the Health and Safety Executive at over £500 million per year and cost to the NHS at over £1 billion per year.

our-clients-adults-techniques-self-help-excercises-paul-parolin-harmony-chiropractic-clinic-suffolk 2How can chiropractic help?

Firstly seeing a chiropractor could help with recovery of acute back pain.

Second, the advice given by a chiropractor can help avoid reoccurrence of back related problems as long as they are adhered to. Advice to do with posture, exercises, changing bad habits such as lifting and creating an ergonomic workstation.

Third, providing a maintenance care programme to help keep the musculoskeletal system the best it can be thereby minimising the possibility of reactivating a problem.

Given the scale of back related conditions overwhelming the National Health Service and the number of people we see on a weekly basis there is now a trend for people to see a chiropractor. After all this is our specialty.

Harmony Chirocranial Clinic Chiropractor in Suffolk & Norfolk
Lesley Meadows testimonial paul Parolin Chiropractor Harmony-Chirocranial ClinicI had suffered for 17 years with neck pain and limited arm movement and thought that my only option was to live with it.

Physiotherapy helped for a short time but the pain slowly came back. A couple of my friends had recommended Paul to me at the Harmony Centre So I nervously booked myself in for an appointment.

This was one of the best decisions I have ever made!  Paul explains everything to me as we go along and always puts me at ease.

My treatment has been tailored to my specific problems and I started off with an intensive course of treatment and I now see Paul every four weeks.

My life has completely changed, I no longer wake up in pain, I can carry bags and reach up into cupboards. I’m not hunched up and I can sit at my desk without any discomfort.

I feel like a normal person again!  Thanks Paul.