As most people are aware, after conception a mother’s body begins to change. Hormones begin the task of preparing the environment in which the baby will grow and develop. It is important to make sure the environment is the healthiest and most nurturing it can be. Nutrition is important so too is how the mother is feeling physically, mentally and emotionally.


Often as the baby begins to grow and the term is moving towards the nine month mark the mother’s body struggles with the weight of the baby. The low back can feel the strain of the extra weight pulling the lumbar spine forward. Sometimes due to the extra weight and the softening of the ligaments the mother experiences pain and discomfort. During these trying times minimising discomfort is a good preparation for the upcoming birth process.

I have been fortunate enough to treatment many mothers over the years. Some attend my clinic for the full term of their pregnancy others come looking for relief from pain. Then after the joyful event is over they bring their babies to me.  It is a good idea also for mothers to have chiropractic care after giving birth.

Many times during an initial consultation a mother has said either, “I never had back pain until I became pregnant.” or ” …until I gave birth.” This can be 10, 20, 30 years later. If only they had the opportunity to have treatment at the time then years of pain could be avoided.


Harmony Chirocranial Clinic Chiropractor in Suffolk & Norfolk
As an ageing golfer, keen to continue playing on a regular basis for as long as possible, I have found my monthly maintenance sessions with Paul Parolin absolutely invaluable.  I first went to see Paul about four years ago with a lower back problem which had left me in considerable pain and quite immobile.  He had been recommended to me by a friend and in just a few visits he was able to relieve the pain and had me back on the golf course in a matter of weeks.  I then took the decision to see him on a regular basis so that any potential problems in the future could be diagnosed and dealt with before they become too serious.  I have learnt through experience that Paul has an uncanny ability to know exactly what any spinal problem is and the expertise to make the necessary correction.  I also have complete trust in his judgement.  He seems always to know when to gently manipulate and when to suggest appropriate exercise.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone with a similar problem and perhaps particularly to those of us who are passionate about sport and exercise and who believe that it adds a real quality to our lives.