Harmony Chirocranial Clinic Chiropractor in Suffolk & Norfolk
Lesley Meadows testimonial paul Parolin Chiropractor Harmony-Chirocranial ClinicI had suffered for 17 years with neck pain and limited arm movement and thought that my only option was to live with it.

Physiotherapy helped for a short time but the pain slowly came back. A couple of my friends had recommended Paul to me at the Harmony Centre So I nervously booked myself in for an appointment.

This was one of the best decisions I have ever made!  Paul explains everything to me as we go along and always puts me at ease.

My treatment has been tailored to my specific problems and I started off with an intensive course of treatment and I now see Paul every four weeks.

My life has completely changed, I no longer wake up in pain, I can carry bags and reach up into cupboards. I’m not hunched up and I can sit at my desk without any discomfort.

I feel like a normal person again!  Thanks Paul.