Our bodies are communicating with us all the time. They tell us when we need to eat, sleep, rest and move. When we feel hungry, drowsy, tired or stiff we are being asked “Hey, could you do something about this.” Babies are Language-of-the-Body-Harmony-Chiropractic-Clinic-Halesworth-Suffolkvery in touch with their needs and when their bodies let them know they have no problem passing the message on.  As we grow up social conditioning can sometimes mean we begin to ignore the bodies messages or stop listening in to what our bodies are telling us.
Symptoms like pain whether it be intense, sharp, dull or nagging, a headache perhaps or cramp, are just our body’s communicating something is not right and please pay attention. Often symptoms will come and go depending on what we have been doing. The message might be to give the weeding a break for now and get back to it later or you’ve been sitting for too long and time to get up and move about. Sometimes the discomfort will be caused by the activities of the day before like low back ache after a long drive or neck pain from too long on the computer. All the above examples are usually temporary and easily solved.
The problem arises when we “hear”  those body signals , but choose not to listen and carry on regardless. Sometimes we need to carry on, however, if we develop a habit of ignoring the messenger then the lines of communication become less clear. If we keep ignoring the message we run the risk of further damage being done. One day the ache in the back may become a sharp sciatic like pain down one leg or even worse, a disc prolapse. The body has stopped talking and begun shouting!
Taking medication such as painkillers may ease the pain but as most of us now know it just puts a gag on our body’s ability to tell us what it needs. Anti-inflammatories may help by reducing the swelling but it is believed inflammation is there to protect us from further damage and this form of medication can damage gut flora. In the short term medication can help us get on with life but not a good long term solution.
Once a person gets to this stage it is time to seek help of a more proactive nature. The body is asking for something to be done. It no longer wants to be ignored. Here at the Harmony Chiropractic Clinic we have been listening to and helping bodies for nearly two decades. Turning the tide and getting people in touch with their often silent partner.
A child that is listened to and whose needs are met is more likely to grow up happier and better balanced than the child ignored and overruled on a regular basis.

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