We hope that you will be happy with the service you receive from the Harmony Chiropractic Clinic. In the unlikely event that you are not and have cause for complaint then we hope that it can be resolved swiftly, fairly and to your satisfaction.

We welcome all feedback.  By letting us know your concerns we can learn and improve our service.  Most problems arise from some form of miscommunication so please give us the opportunity to clarify any issues that may arise. We take all concerns seriously and we endeavor to understand and resolve any concerns systematically and without bias.

If you wish to take a complaint further please approach the chiropractor, directly either during your next visit or make a separate time via reception. Talking face to face or on the telephone is usually simplest way to clear issues up. Our aim is to fully understand your concern and will listen as well as answer any questions you have.

We hope that you do not have to use this information.

Alternatively, you can send your concerns in writing.  All complaints are dealt with confidentially.  Written complaints will be acknowledged within two working days.  Complaints on somebody else’s behalf require the patients written consent.