At the Harmony Chiropractic Clinic we see people of all ages. From babies of less than one week old to people in their nineties. Chiropractic is for everyone. We all have a body with a nervous system, skeleton and soft tissues which right from before the miracle of being born, undergoes stresses and strains that can have an adverse impact upon how we feel and our well being.

Babies have to withstand incredible forces upon their head, neck and rest of body during the birth process, even caesarean section births. Infants fall and stumble as their bodies learn the complex task of movement and coordination. Children including teenagers put themselves through some tough challenges doing sporting and other outdoor activities and when they’re not, they often slump over a screen at home or desk at school.


Adults including the elderly are perhaps the biggest users of chiropractic for all sorts of reasons ranging from work related back conditions, sporting injuries to chronic on-going problems that date back years. Many see us due to prolonged periods at a computer, driving or gardening. They benefit from both treatment and postural advice.

Families are always welcome. We often see three generations of the same family enjoying the benefits of what chiropractic care can do.

The Harmony Chiropractic Clinic like the Harmony Centre has become an important part of the north Suffolk community. It is used by all sorts of people from all walks of life to complement the Health Service. We are there for anyone who needs our help. We are there for those who need us from time to time and also those who need more continuous help.

Babies & Children