chiropractic and craniosacral treatments for children, babies and mothers with Paul Parolin

The birth process is a wonderful and natural one. We all must experience being born to enter the world. Even though it is a natural process it is not without a struggle for both mother and child and for some the repercussions can be felt long after the event has passed.

The arrival of a new born is one all new parents look forward to. For many it is a happy and straight forward time, for others it may be fraught with difficulties. Often baby doesn’t sleep, cries a lot, has feeding or digestive problems etc.


The techniques we use are both gentle and suitable for babies.  Because babies’ skeletons are softer than an adult’s the techniques are modified using slight pressure which can bring about a cranialsacral-babies-chidren-harmony-chiropractic-clinicsustained release rather than the manipulative techniques used on adults. These techniques for which we have been properly trained could help soothe and relax your baby.

Paul Parolin has been treating mothers, babies (some as young as 2 days old) since 2001 and in that time has been able to help many families.




Chiropractic and craniosacral therapy is suitable for children of all ages. Like adults many children suffer back, neck, shoulder or other joint pain. Even headaches associated with neck problems. The techniques used for children may vary depending upon the age of your child and the condition they are experiencing. It may be they need a more gentle approach as for babies or perhaps children-harmony-chiropractic-clinictechniques that are used for adults.

 Common causes of pain for children are poor posture, bumps and falls or injuries from sporting activities. Whatever the cause there is a possibility we can help.

 Along with taking a medical history, doing an examination and giving a report of findings an individually tailored programme of treatment will be designed and discussed with parents to help your child.

 Like for adults we will give postural advice and exercises also. We see children of all ages in all stages of development many of whom we helped as babies. Some of the parents we treated as children in the past are bringing their children to us for help now. It is very satisfying to be a part of a family’s journey through the generations like that.

 If your child is suffering and in need of the sort of service we provide then please call so we can help them as soon as possible. If it is something we cannot help with we will let you know.



Harmony Chirocranial Clinic Chiropractor in Suffolk & Norfolk
Molly P testimonial paul Parolin Chiropractor Harmony-Chirocranial ClinicAfter a difficult birth, Molly first saw Paul at eight days old. Initially Molly visited Paul once a week but now receives treatment once every four weeks. The session is worked around her needs, often Paul treats her whilst she is playing or watching nursery rhymes.
Having experienced the benefits of craniosacral and chiropractic treatment I felt it would also be advantageous for Molly.
She is a happy, contented child who has never suffered from colic and has slept through the night since she was twelve weeks old.