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Where we are positioned in Suffolk with communities such as Southwold, Reydon, Aldeburgh, Halesworth, Saxmundham, Leiston and surrounding villages there are a lot of retired folk enjoying the type of quality in their lives that these areas can offer. Golf, sailing, walking, gardening to mention just a few of the past times one may choose. To be able to take full advantage of these pursuits is important. However as we get older the joints do also age to such a point that it can be very uncomfortable to do simple things. It is all too easy to give up and blame it on arthritis.

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Here is a brief video on Neck Pain

Neck Pain

It may be arthritis or it may be some other musculosketal problem.  What is important here is that it would be such a shame to give up something that you enjoy unnecessarily. Chiropractic has been able to prolong activities for many people in countries all over the world. Even when the problem is an arthritic related condition a course of chiropractic treatment and some regular maintenance can keep a golfer playing years longer than they would have. Gardeners, bowlers, sailors and walkers are able to keep going for much longer.

It is about quality of life for people of all ages. For some it means to be able to keep going and for others about doing what you want in more comfort and less pain afterwards. For people with hip conditions I have found that surgery can be postponed for years sometimes by regular treatment and taking the right supplements.

The ageing process may not be reversed but sometimes it can be slowed down.  It is the rate of degeneration that is important. Factors that contribute to joint degeneration are diet, exercise, stress and structural alignment. A good diet, the right type and amount of exercise, a life that is fulfilling and a musculoskeletal system that is as functioning best it can will optimise health and slow down the ageing process.

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“I am now able to walk further and with more ease.”

“My joints are a lot less painful”

“It’s so nice to feel pain free without taking tablets.”

“I can get round the golf course with no problems now.”

“My shoulder feels so much better.”

“I am now able to garden again.”

If it’s quality of life you are missing due to pain or discomfort then we may be able to help.

Harmony Chirocranial Clinic Chiropractor in Suffolk & Norfolk
colin-h-testimonials-harmony-chiropractic-clinicWhen I arrived at your chiropractic clinic several years ago, I literally could not walk more than a few steps, and those in pain. This was caused by various problems in my leg which normal drugs did not improve, and may, have caused the problems in the first place Paul, has, over the following period got me back to almost normal, and has kept up a maintenance schedule for all the other aches, and pains that one is liable to when you get to 81 years old !!

I cannot thank him enough for helping to carry on living a normal life.