About Chiropractic Treatments

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Chiropractic is a hands on treatment designed to alleviate pain and discomfort by removing interferences to healthy nervous system function. These interferences may be caused by misalignments or locking of the joints in the spine or other parts of the skeleton.  Chiropractors call these subluxations. The misalignments and fixations create an irritation to the nerves which can then cause pain. Left alone these dysfunctions can lead to chronic pain.  Chiropractors are skilled at finding and correcting spinal misalignments and fixations.

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Recognised by the British Medical Association as an effective treatment for back pain, chiropractic has stood up to many research studies. Chiropractors are regulated by the General Chiropractic Council and participate in continuing professional development.


Thousands of people regularly visit chiropractors all over the world knowing they are taking responsibility for their own health and well-being by looking after their spine and keeping their nervous system in tune.