About Craniosacral Treatments

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Craniosacral therapy has become a popular treatment for children and babies as well as adults. This subtle yet powerful treatment has grown over recent years mainly due to the effectiveness of this gentle approach. It helps with both acutely painful conditions as well as more chronic problems. Patients comment on how amazed they are that they feel so much better yet the treatment was completely painless.

When the body experiences a physical trauma like a fall, sports injury or difficult birth the tissues can become contracted creating stresses, strains or congestion which adversely effects health. Emotional stress may also have the same effect.  This can manifest itself as pain or discomfort in the body. The discomfort may be anywhere in the body such as the back, neck, shoulders, head, digestive system etc. Other symptoms such as continual tiredness, lack of concentration, feeling out of sync or detached from what is happening may also be felt.

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Craniosacral therapists are trained to identify where the stresses and strains are by how they interfere with the body’s natural rhythm and balance. Then by using the client’s own natural healing potential a craniosacral therapist is able to use his/her hands to amplify and direct the forces in such a way that adverse patterns can be released. The body can then return to a more healthy way of functioning.

Clients have found craniosacral therapy helpful for many conditions and can often work where other therapies or medical interventions don’t.

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