When a client come to the Harmony Chiropractic Clinic they often have it in their minds that the chiropractor will fix their problem. I like to see the therapist/client relationship as a team with a common outcome in mind and that is for the client to become the best that they can be. By that I mean to help them feel as comfortable in their body as they can and to be able to live their lives with as much quality as possible.

Understanding Pain

To do this well it requires a team effort. Both practitioner and client working together to get the best possible results. As part of the process I will give advice on posture, exercises and nutrition. Applying the advice is the client’s responsibility. Outcome is dependant upon how the clients system responds to the treatment and how well the client can apply the advice given. Most people are keen to do as much as they can to get rid of their pain. When the pain goes then the work begins towards feeling well again.


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Probably the most important ingredient to a comfortable body and a healthy nervous system. How we feel depends partly upon we use our bodies. Living in such a sedentary culture with cars, computes, television, sofas and car seats for babies right from a very early age our skeletal systems have to cope with a multiple of positions that are not that good for us. It’s not that we have to give up on any of these necessaries of the modern age but unlike the dinosaurs it is in our interest to adapt to a way of life so that it can work for us in a positive way.

Good posture is about taking the time to prepare for what you are about to do. Getting the computer set up right, adjust the car seat so it fits you in a comfortable supportive way, perhaps a car seat support to give your low back that added lift protecting your lumbar spine are all good ways to ensure you don’t suffer the consequences of a modern lifestyle.

Before doing heavy physical activity take a little time to think about what you are about to do. Lift and twist in two separate movements. Alternate jobs so that you don’t get stuck doing the same movement for long periods of time. Walk.

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Some way through a course of treatment suitable exercises are recommended. These are tried and tested self help procedures designed to mobilise and strengthen muscles and joints in a bid to improve function and rehabilitation. It is important to discuss any exercises that you are already doing to eliminate any that may be worsening the problem you have come to the clinic for. Sometimes it is wise to stop all exercise for a while to allow the body to heal and then reintroduce activity at a rate the body can cope with.

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One of the best exercises is walking. It is good for so many things. It clears the mind, gets the heart pumping at a healthy rate, good for weight control and blood sugar levels, helps with low back pain and clears the lungs. Swimming is also very good except breast stroke which unless you have an excellent technique can irritate low back and neck problems. Cycling Is also good as is classes such as pilates, yoga and qi chung all of which are available at the Harmony Centre.

It is never an aim to get a client to stop doing what they enjoy. Our aim is to help a client to do what they like doing but in a healthy way. Staying active is important.


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Over my years as a chiropractor I have attended many nutrition courses and this aligned with a natural interest in the subject has given me a knowledge and experience in the subject that has proved invaluable in helping clients to improve their own diets. I have seen the benefits first hand in clients who have adjusted their diets to include foods and supplements that have reduced symptoms and improved their sense of well being.