the-process-free-spinal-check-techniques-self-help-excercises-paul-parolin-harmony-chiropractic-clinic-suffolkA Free Spinal Check serves many purposes.

Firstly it allows anyone who is unsure to find out whether chiropractic is a suitable treatment for the problem they have.

Second it is an opportunity for someone with a painful condition to get an opinion about what may be the cause of their problem.

Third is the possibility to ask any questions that may help a person understand how the spine and nervous system works, how chiropractic works and how their condition may be resolved through chiropractic.

Fourth it gives a person who is thinking about chiropractic as a solution to their pain a way of getting to know the chiropractor and the environment the treatments will take place in.

During the spinal check the chiropractor will look at the person’s spine and pelvic mobility alignment and function. If necessary other areas such as shoulders, limbs and cranial bones will be examined also. The examination will be made in more than one position ie. standing, sitting, lying prone (face down) or supine (face up). This gives the chiropractor an greater understanding of how the client’s musculoskeletal system responds to different situations. For example. If low back pain is felt mostly when standing then examining whilst sitting only may not give a true picture of what is going on.the-process-free-spinal-check-techniques-self-help-excercises-paul-parolin-harmony-chiropractic-clinic-suffolk 2

Mobility is the body’s ability to move. People usually fall into two categories. They are either hyper mobile (too flexible) or hypo mobile (stiff). Problems invariably occur from hyper or hypo mobility. The hyper mobile person will have problems because they rely on their flexibility and lack strength to support their structure. They will need correcting and strengthening exercises. The hypo mobile client will have problems because they rely on their strength and lack mobility. They need correcting and stretching exercises.

Alignment is about how each component in the skeletal system is positioned in relation to each other. If a vertebra is misaligned it is out of line in relation to other vertebrae. So too the pelvis. It may be tilted or twisted which will cause the lumbar vertebrae also to be misaligned. Once one aspect of the spine goes out of line then other parts must adapt. This process of adapting and compensating for one or two misalignments can lead to further problems which need to be rectified. Chiropractic can help realign the skeletal system.

Function is about how individual vertebrae move or don’t move in relation to each other. All musculoskeletal components are designed to move. Bony components move by way of greasy lined parts called joints. If a vertebra or pair of vertebrae become stuck the bones no longer slide one upon the other. This is called a fixation which can indicate inflammation and nerve interference and thereby pain. Chiropractic can free fixations in the skeletal system which will then relieve pain.

The Spinal check is not just about conditions relating to the spine. All aspects of the structural health are covered. Conditions that involve the limbs such as elbow and hand problems, knee and ankle problems are also covered during examination as well as headaches caused by neck problems, jaw problems and many more.