The route back to health is a process. There may be significant events on the way but like life itself, it is a journey. Many people think that chiropractic is just about cracking bones and taking pain away. This is a long way from what the Harmony Chiropractic Clinic is about. Yes we do give pain relief. This is the first step “Relief Care”. This why most people come to us but that is not all we do.

Then for those who wish to maintain the progress made during the relief care phase of the process there is the next step “Maintenance Care”. It does what it says on the tin. Not a guarantee but a good idea like having a car regularly serviced. The car will run better, more efficiently, will last longer and some problems may be detected and rectified early before becoming a bigger problem.

Understanding Pain

Many of our clients choose maintenance care after the relief care phase simply because it makes sense. Often it is those clients who know what it is like to suffer pain over a number of years and are ready to make a commitment to feeling better. Constant back or neck pain need not be a way of life. If it is just a matter of a monthly or six weekly visits to have a few adjustments to keep the spine moving freely then for those clients it is worth it. They are able to live their lives more fully in more comfort than if they were to decide to just live with it.


One other added benefit of maintenance care is that often a chronic joint problem left unchecked will degenerate more quickly than one that is treated regularly. We are all at the mercy of the ageing process. And like the car that is well looked after, driven carefully and maintained properly the body too responds well to being looked after. Good nutrition, proper exercise, a balance of work, rest and play all contribute to ageing gracefully. Keep the spine and nervous system in good order and you add a further ingredient to the recipe.