the-process-releif-care-techniques-self-help-excercises-paul-parolin-harmony-chiropractic-clinic-suffolk 3The main reason people come to our clinic is for pain relief or relief care. They just want the pain to be removed so they can get on with their lives. A totally natural request. Pain can be debilitating, tiring and change the nature of who we really are. It can affect our families, work colleagues, and friends. It can put a hold on the things we enjoy doing and the things we need to do. It can change our lives significantly and not for the better.

the-process-releif-care-techniques-self-help-excercises-paul-parolin-harmony-chiropractic-clinic-suffolk 2The initial course of treatment is designed to get the client back to feeling comfortable again quickly so that their life can return to normal. This part of the process called relief care is the beginning of the healing process and can take six to eight weeks.

Why does it take so long? Because that is how long it takes the tissues to heal. Ask any athlete who has had an injury to an ankle or knee and that is how long it can take to be ready to return to full activity.

During this phase of the healing process treatment is intensive for up to four weeks. Then for a further two to four weeks the intervals become less intensive. Often clients feel 80% to 100% better by this time. During this period strategies to reduce inflammation, lifestyle advice and exercises are recommended to aid rehabilitation. We will also contact your GP, with your permission, to let them know you have come to us for help and why.the-process-releif-care-techniques-self-help-excercises-paul-parolin-harmony-chiropractic-clinic-suffolk

It is important to remember this is the time for the body to begin its healing process so activities that aggravate or support the condition need to be eliminated or kept to a minimum and follow the advice of the chiropractor.

The journey back to health and well being begins here.