Paul Parolin Chiropractor thing I like most about what I do is that it helps people overcome the obstacles that holds them back from leading fulfilling lives. I still remember the day “the penny dropped”. I had my first chiropractic treatment for an annoying shoulder pain that had been bugging me on and off for years. As soon as I got home I knew this was what I had been looking for! A way to helping others out of pain and towards health and wellness. To be able to do that by just using my hands!  My shoulder felt a lot better also.

In 1998 after four years of intense study I qualified as a chiropractor. We, my wife and two children, the third arrived a few years later, had moved to Suffolk by then and I began practicing in both Ipswich and Woodbridge. In 2002 I joined the Harmony Centre near Halesworth, where I now work exclusively. People still travel from as far away as Aldeburgh, Norwich and Lowestoft to come to my clinic. Often they are so happy with the progress they’ve made they bring along family and friends. People don’t realise that a painful neck or sore back that has plagued them for years can be treated. They can feel better and be more active again. Many is the time someone has thanked me for the difference they see in their partner or child.

Since qualifying as a chiropractor I also completed training as a craniosacral therapist following the traumatic birth of our first child Leah. She was distressed following a labour that went beyond 24 hours. Her head was misshapen, she screamed a lot and was unable to feed or sleep properly. We turned to a craniosacral therapist with remarkable results.  Immediately after her first treatment she fed and slept like she had not done before. I was particularly amazed because it was so gentle it didn’t look like anything was being done. Fortunately I’ve been able to return the favour and help other parents see their loved ones go from screaming to happy and content with a few gentle treatments.

An important aspect of chiropractic is continuing professional development. This is something in which I participate fully often exceeding the required hours because I really enjoy developing my skills and learning new and better techniques. Chiropractic is a very dynamic profession. New ways of treating a vast range of conditions are always being developed. By keeping abreast with these developments I now have many techniques in my toolbox giving me a lot of options when treating clients whose condition may not benefit from one approach.

paul-parolin-harmony-chiropractic-clinic-suffolkIt has been a challenging and rewarding journey building a practice that people can trust, raising awareness of chiropractic and growing as a chiropractor myself yet, 18 years later, I still house the enthusiasm and still get surprised by how people respond, without the use of medication! In my family chiropractic clinic I enjoy seeing clients of all ages, including babies and the elderly and often see two and three generations within the one family.

I have seen how chiropractic can change peoples’ lives for the better not just in the short term but long term also. To witness someone go from agony to feeling good again and then on to feeling better than they have for years is very satisfying indeed.