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Mothers and babies

We are a family oriented practice and have had at the forefront of our goals giving the adult generation of the future a healthy start today. To do this we need to help our children heal the traumas they experience from conception. We can do this by looking after the environment they are developing in by treating mothers during pregnancy. This can only be good for mothers as well as babies.

For many babies the birth process can be a traumatic experience. This is often the reason babies become irritable, have difficulties sleeping, feeding or digesting. Using craniosacral therapy we are able to identify and gently release lesions in the baby’s system caused by birth trauma. By releasing the lesions the baby becomes more comfortable within themselves.


Then as babies grow, working to ensure they grow healthy and strong to be able to withstand the challenges life presents is important. By removing the blocks to optimum health and wellbeing a child’s immune system is better able to protect itself from colds and flu as well as more worrying problems such as breathing difficulties, digestive and skin conditions as well as ear problems.

As children grow their curiosity and energy can often lead to accidents and injuries. Falls, broken bones and sporting injuries can leave the spine and nervous system with some form of dysfunction after the pain has disappeared. This may then adversely affect the child’s health and wellbeing. Chiropractic and craniosacral therapy can help the child’s system recover more fully from such injuries and thereby help to avoid harmful side effects.

By looking after your child’s health and wellbeing today gives them a better chance for tomorrow.