programme of care with chiropractor paul parolin harmony chiropractic clinic norfolk suffolk

Our programme of care is intended to correct current symptoms and provide ongoing support for your health and well-being.

First visit

Firstly your practitioner will take a full medical history. This will include any medication you’re taking, any medical intervention you have had or conditions you have been diagnosed with. It would be helpful if there is a lot of information that you be prepared in advance.

Next you will have a thorough examination of your musculoskeletal system and any vital testing such as blood pressure. This will include neurological, orthopaedic and structural alignment examinations. Gowns are supplied for women.

Then you will be given a report of findings following the results from the examination. The finding will be discussed in full. There is an opportunity to ask questions. It is at this stage an initial programme of care will be recommended along with any advice that may be appropriate.

Relief care

The initial programme of care is usually designed to achieve relief of symptoms as quickly as possible. If you do not wish to carry on with treatment after this stage then we welcome you to return whenever you need.

Maintenance Care

For those with chronic conditions who need regular treatment to keep symptoms to a minimum.

Corrective/Wellness care

For clients who want to take responsibility for their wellbeing and want to take full advantage of what we have to offer. This programme is designed to correct underlying musculoskeletal problems and prevent further degeneration. By keeping the skeletal and nervous system in tune the innate wisdom of the  body is able to manifest health at an optimum level.

The choice is yours.