chiropractic treatments for the elderlyMany of the clients we see are retired. This is the time of life when the body, if not earlier, may show signs of wear. The joints begin to stiffen, movement takes more effort, aches and pains appear and doing those things in life we take for granted, becomes more difficult.

We at the Harmony Chiropractic Clinic may not be able to reverse the aging process but we are able to minimise its effects and in some cases slow the whole process down.

Here are some of the comments from clients who have had treatment with us:

“I am now able to walk further and with more ease.”

“My joints are a lot less painful”

“It’s so nice to feel pain free without taking tablets.”

“I can get round the golf course with no problems now.”

“My shoulder feels so much better.”

“I am now able to garden again.”

“No more headaches.”

If it’s quality of life you are missing due to pain or discomfort then we may be able to help.